• The F CUP

    Introducing The F CUP

  • The F CUP

    Fuel your freedom

  • The F CUP

    Doing your bit for the ocean

  • The F CUP

    Fuel your freedom

About The F CUP

Traditional, reusable travel mugs are made with plastic or stainless steel inners. These can contaminate the taste of your roasted coffee or perfectly brewed tea, leaving a plasticky or metallic taste. Not with the F Cup.

Our exclusive design, hosting a ceramic inner, ensures your drink will taste as good as if in a normal mug. The thermal outer and lid gives you the freedom to take your great tasting coffee with you, no matter where you’re heading. Now let’s fill the FC-UP and get out there.

Doing our bit for the ocean

All of us buying coffee in non-recyclable cups has led to an almighty F*C* UP. Our oceans are polluted with litter and our land has become a dumping ground. The UK throws away around 2.5bn disposable coffee cups a year.

Take your F Cup to the coffee shop and enjoy your hot drink without compromising the taste and without compromising the ocean.


Get Your F CUP Here…
  • 450ml Ceramic inner for an uncontaminated taste
  • Multi-purpose – Perfect for proper tasting coffee, tea, even ice cream shakes!
  • Reusable – Ditch the coffee shop plastic – Fill up your F CUP instead

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Whether you’re a coffee shop owner, a shop or online retailer, we offer a range of deals for trade. Please get in touch to request pricing information for orders of 6 cups or more.

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